Co-Sponsorship Speech Honoring the Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos of 2021

Mr. President, fellow members of this august chamber, I have the honor to co-sponsor Senate Resolution No. 838 entitled “Resolution Honoring and Commending the Metrobank Foundation’s Outstanding Filipinos of 2021.”

At a time when the world is facing a grave health crisis, it is on very rare occasions that we find ourselves on the same ground from which hope springs and optimism thrives. Today is one such occasion with the presence of inspirational public servants who are named as Metrobank Foundation’s Outstanding Filipinos of 2021.

Mr. President, we gain high spirits when Filipinos find pride in their work, build avenues for change, and remain on course despite the challenges of our generation. Today’s outstanding teachers, soldiers, and police officers are a testament to this.

In our long course of human history, the global pandemic is said to have created the greatest disruption to the educational systems. At these trying times, our exceptional teachers — Ms. Lou Sabrina S. Ongkiko and Mr. Jason Albaro — have inspired our youth to pursue a higher level of literacy and competence through their innovative and progressive learning tools. We can say the same for our awardees from the Higher Education sector — Dr. Maria Minerva Calimag and Dr. Iris Thiele Isip-Tan – who have leveraged a transformational learning system through digitization and flexible teaching programs.

Mr. President, we also salute our soldiers — Technical Sergeant Jake Belino and Col. Augusto Padua from the Philippine Air Force, and Lt. Col. Elmer Boongaling from the Philippine Army, who have deftly fulfilled their duties on counter-insurgency and disaster response. Their accomplishments have shown us that our agenda for peace-building can be achieved by forging a people-centered united force.

We also take pride in the glory of the police force embodied by our law enforcers, Police Senior Master Sergeant Mary Joy Ylanan — a woman of power, strength, and substance who championed justice for the victims of sexual abuse and human rights violations; Police Lieutenant Colonel Gerard Ace Pelare who instituted reforms in the legal system and law enforcement for the welfare of our police; and, Police Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Pablito, who pioneered the PATROL Plan 2030 Program that fostered the strong community engagement of our police force.

No amount of accolades will be commensurate with the glory and hope that these public servants accorded the Filipino people. They deserve nothing less for walking worthy of their calling, and for fulfilling their oaths to God, to our countrymen, to our nation.

To this end, I also wish to commend the Metrobank Foundation for staying true to its commitment to promoting a culture of professionalism, excellence, and heroism. May you remain steadfast in your role as an instrument in inspiring our fellow Filipinos towards the highest ideals of public service.

Mr. President, in view of the foregoing, this representation urges this august body to adopt Senate Resolution 838, honoring and commending the Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos of 2021.

Thank you Mr. President.