Partido Reporma Chairman Emeritus/Founder: I Will Stick with Ping

Many members and supporters of the former Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma (Reporma) are asking what happened to the Party yesterday … why Sen Ping Lacson resigned as Party Chairman and Cong Bebot Alvarez as Party President announced that Partido Reporma is endorsing VP Leni Robredo as its new candidate for President.

Ping, as a man of honor and courage, very clearly explained in a press statement why he had to resign as Chairman of the party.

On the other hand, Cong Bebot Alvarez talked about the developing “electoral terrain in 2022” apparently as the reason for Partido Reporma Sec. Gen. Gov Jubahib of Davao del Norte and his followers, and for himself, why they are shifting their support from Ping to VP Leni.

For my part as Chairman Emeritus of the new Partido Reporma, I must admit that I was taken by surprise on the events yesterday as I had no inkling that such an unfortunate scenario would happen to our new party.

Obviously, I cannot do anything about it anymore as I consider both Ping and Bebot as mature politicians and capable of making decisions based on personal conviction.

As to my position at hand, let me say this: vote for the Presidential candidate of your choice, and consider it as your contribution to the establishment of an honest and competent government that can bring about a better future for our beloved country.

As an original endorser of Sen Ping Lacson for President, let me further say: I will stick with Ping and continue to endorse and support him. Like a true soldier in combat, I hope that those fighting for him in this political battle will continue the fight and not leave him behind.

Maraming salamat po.