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Sen. Lacson Chairs the Senate Panel Hearing on SB 1611

 Senate Bill 1611 fixes the validity period to own/carry firearms. It seeks to amend RA 10591, which was authored by Sen. Lacson and was enacted into law in 2013.

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Confirmation Hearing for Senior AFP Officers

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At the Commission on Appointments’ plenary session, Sen. Lacson delivered co-sponsorship speeches for the confirmation of Sen. Lorna Regina Legarda (PAF reserve colonel) and Rep. Roy Loyola (PA reserve colonel).

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Interpellation of Sen. Sotto’s Privilege Speech

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Sen. Lacson raised some points in interpellating Sen. Tito Sotto, who had delivered a privilege speech regarding alleged irregularities in the 2016 elections.

Congressional Oversight Committee Hearing on the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act

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Sen. Lacson, whose resolution for a review of RA 10121 (Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010) was one of the grounds of the hearing, stressed the need for a separate agency to focus on dealing with disasters.
“This is an opportune time (to review the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act, because) the Philippines is third most risky in terms of disasters. It’s been eight years (since the law was passed). We have not reviewed (the law) as mandated under Republic Act 10121.”
“Even before I left the OPARR, ito ang naiwanan kong recommendation kay then President Aquino noon: It’s about time we created a separate agency even under the Office of the President para talagang may lead agency. Ngayon medyo sabog eh. Mahirap ang council-type na coordinative, tapos naka-integrate lang, puro monitoring ang mangyayari. There must be a separate lead agency who will take care and assume responsibility.”

Senate Resolution 10: Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act
Lacson pushes review of disaster management law to cope with ‘new normal’
Ping: i-upgrade na ang batas vs kalamidad

#PingSays: Implementation is key to solving congestion problems at NAIA

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At the Senate hearing on decongesting transport facilities including the NAIA, Sen. Lacson stressed that implementation is key to addressing overcrowding woes.
Obviously, we all know the problem. Apparently, we also know the solution. So no matter how many meetings, how many public hearings, how many presentations we have, ang solusyon lang talaga is implementation, ‘di ba? But ang tanong, why are we not doing it? … Overload na tayong lahat ng statistics (and) information (at) alam nating lahat, pero what are we doing about it?

Sponsorship Speech for New PH Ambassadors and Foreign Service Officer

The CA Committee on Foreign Affairs, chaired by Sen. Lacson, took up the appointments of:
* Grace Relucio Princesa: Ambassador to Holy See with concurrent jurisdiction over Malta
* Frank Revil Cimafranca: Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic with concurrent jurisdiction over Cyprus
* Marichu Barredo Mauro: Ambassador to Brazil with concurrent jurisdiction over Colombia, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela
* Hjayceelyn Mancenido Quintana: Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates
* Linglingay Fonacier Lacanlale: Ambassador to Argentina, with concurrent jurisdiction over Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay
* Cesar Lee Hiong Wee: Ambassador to Indonesia
* Ombra Jainal: Ambassador to the Czech Republic
* Rowena F. Mutia: Foreign Service Officer, Class IV

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Mr. Chairman, distinguished colleagues, this Representation as Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, presided over a public hearing this morning to deliberate on the nominations of nine Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Department of Foreign Affairs – four of whom are Career Officers of the Department while the other five are political nominees – and one Foreign Service Officer.

Your Committee, after deliberating on their qualifications and fitness during the said public hearing, determined that they are fit and qualified to be in the posts where they are nominated and therefore ruled to recommend to the plenary their nominations for the consent of this body.

To this end, it is my honor and privilege to recommend that the Commission give its consent to the nominations of the following DFA Senior Officers, namely:

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Hearing on the Upgrading of LTO Extension Offices and on Public Service Franchises

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At the hearing, Sen. Lacson reminded applicants for renewal of public service franchises not to fall for unscrupulous parties using his name to seek “amounts or favors” in exchange for renewal of their franchises.

Related: Senate Bill 1651: Converting the LTO extension office in Muntinlupa City into a regular LTO district office

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Lifetime Cellphone Number Bill: Sen. Lacson Seeks to Remove Interconnection Fees

During deliberations on Senate Bill 1636, which requires public telecom entities to provide nationwide mobile number portability to subscribers, Sen. Lacson sought to remove interconnection fees or charges for calls or SMS made from one network to another. “We are here to protect the consumers. And the consumer, not being made aware he is calling through a different PTE (public telecommunications entity), is helpless in being charged with P2.50 for mobile calls and 15 centavos for SMS.”

Beyond Christmas party row: Legislative inquiry of issues surrounding PCSO to continue


PCSO’s problems with corruption, illegal gambling operators
Hearing on issues surrounding the PCSO, Feb. 12, 2018

VOTING 19-0: Senate Approves the Proposed Anti-Hazing Act of 2018 on Third and Final Reading

Voting 19-0, the Senate approved on third and final reading Senate Bill 1662, which imposes heavier penalties on hazing and attempts to cover up the crime. The Senate also adopted the findings and recommendations of the Senate committee on public order and illegal drugs on the hazing death of Horacio “Atio” Castillo III.

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Senators laud passage of SB 1662 on third and final reading
Lacson committee pushes reclusion perpetua, hefty penalties vs hazing deaths
At a Glance: Findings and Recommendations on the fatal hazing of Horacio Castillo III