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Kaban ng Bayan, Bantayan! (Part 1)

Distinguished colleagues, members of the Senate of the 14th Congress of this once proud and great Republic, ladies and gentlemen:

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Legacy of Corruption

Mr. President:

I rise today on a matter of personal and collective privilege. I rise as a Filipino who has been paying by way of onerous tax impositions and deprivation of proper services, the burden of a huge public debt. I rise on behalf of two generations that will come after us who will be saddled with paying the debts this administration has contracted and obligated.

In the Special Joint Investment Coordinating Committee (ICC) and Technical Board Meeting of the President’s Cabinet held on 26 March 2007, the Department of Transportation and Communications took up with the economic team, particularly Finance Sec. Margarito Teves and then NEDA Director-General Romulo Neri along with their support staff, the so-called National Broadband Network Project.

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The Lighthouse that Brought Darkness

Mr. President, distinguished colleagues:

Today, I rise on a matter of personal and collective privilege.

Two years ago, the country was caught in a political maelstrom brought about by revelations arising from the voice tapes taken of a man and a woman, the identities of whom have since been laid public.

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Huwag Matakot, Stop Kurakot! The Incredible Hulk (Chapter Three)

Mr. President, distinguished colleagues. The past week was not very enjoyable for this representation. This week, I suppose, will be no different.

Being a law enforcer for thirty years with some basic knowledge of law, I can not understand how a majority of the members of the Supreme Court could conspire so indecently with the administration of Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to subvert the Rule of Law, the primacy of the Constitution over Acts of the State, and the independence of the judiciary.

With your indulgence, let me belabor this issue.

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“Mr. Jose Pidal, Alam ba ni Mrs. Itoh” … The Incredible Hulk (Chapter Two)

Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, I rise today on a matter of personal and collective privilege.

More than half a century ago, our forefathers established the Third Philippine Republic from the ruins of the last Pacific war. A few years later, the nation was embroiled in various scandals involving graft and corruption. Right after the war, government officials were involved in the surplus war materials scandal. When then President Elpidio Quirino ordered the prosecution of the Chairman of the Surplus Commission, his Liberal Party stalwarts warned him, and out of the mouth of no less than a former President of the Senate, came the infamous words-“What are we in power for?”

It is now the 21st century. While those words are no longer spoken, a very powerful man – Atty. Jose Miguel Arroyo a.k.a. Jose Pidal wields that power like no other. Even the integrity of institutions tasked to assist law enforcement agencies with scientific and expert analysis has not been spared. I will prove my point later, Mr. President.

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The Incredible Hulk (Chapter One)

Mr. President, Distinguished colleagues in the Senate of the Republic:Mr. President, Distinguished colleagues in the Senate of the Republic:

I rise today on a matter of personal and collective privilege.

It has been more than two years since this representative was pilloried before media through accusations so vile and propaganda most vicious. So vile and vicious in fact that this chamber of peers took notice, conducted investigations complete with nationally televised public hearings and just recently, unveiled on this floor a committee report which would give the public the impression that my detractors were somehow right.

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Living Without Pork

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Her Excellency, Her Helplessness

Mr. President,

I rise again on a very urgent matter. This is not to wage war against fellow Senators, all of whom I hold in the highest respect. It is, rather, to urge them to have a second look at the moral hypocrisy of this administration.

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Gloria’s Underground Department

Mr. President,

There is a new dangerous office in government today. It is the first of its kind in our history. It is the Department of the Underground. And I rise to forewarn the Senate of the Republic and the Filipino people.

Mr. President, the Arroyo Administration has been in power for only a little more than eight months. It is powerful all right. It is powerfully corrupt.

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In Defense of Dignity

Mr. President.

I rise today on the matter of personal privilege. Even now I want to thank you and my fellow Senators for this opportunity. It is to defend my honor and dignity in the eyes of my peers – and, hopefully in your hearts.

There is no Senator today more bothered broken, and burdened than this very humble representation. I have been demonized without notice. I have been sent to hell without trial.

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