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Arrogance Has No Place in Implementation of the ECQ

During these trying times, the Philippine National Police has the unenviable task of implementing an Enhanced Community Quarantine, without fear or favor. For the most part, our policemen deserve kudos for doing their jobs.

Such is the case of police officers who arrested a foreigner in Makati City, after he challenged their authority with an arrogant and demeaning behavior. As if this were not enough, the police officers were subjected to unfair criticisms from netizens who saw the “edited” version of the video.

On the other hand, being an “investor with 80 employees” as he claimed does not give the foreigner the right to confront and incessantly berate a police officer who is merely performing a risky duty in the manner that he did.

The Bureau of Immigration may have to look into the matter. If a deportation proceeding is in order, they should act swiftly and decisively.

Arrogance has no place in our country – especially so in a situation where either all of us win, or all of us lose to the COVID-19 threat.


Greed, Not ‘Low Pay,’ Motivation for BI Moneymaking Racket

Image Courtesy: BI Facebook page

While the Bureau of Immigration’s reshuffle of its airport personnel may be a step in the right direction, it will have little success if it does not eradicate greed and corruption.

The huge payoffs involved in the racket or scheme in the BI have been going on for quite some time. It is not a consequence of low pay and lack of overtime benefits, but of greed and corrupt attitudes of government workers who are clothed with the power and authority that go with their positions.

Suspension or termination of overtime pay and non-inclusion in the salary hike of other government employees should never be a reason for corrupt BI personnel to justify the illegal acts they commit to augment their income. That is crap, and I am not buying it.

Noong pumasok kami bilang mga kawani ng gobyerno, alam naman namin ang mga limitations, even sacrifices, as well as the benefits that go with being in public service. But even the so-called benefits are governed by rules and regulations, and should not put us above our counterparts in the private sector.


On the Deportation Order vs Sister Patricia Fox

First, the Bill of Rights under the equal protection clause in our Constitution does not distinguish between foreigners and citizens of the Philippines. However, there is an existing jurisprudence that allows the executive branch through the Bureau of Immigration to impose limitations on certain activities of foreigners that are inimical to the interest of the state, and that is what the government has applied in the case of Sister Patricia Fox.

Before condemning the Duterte administration, it is prudent to understand the facts surrounding the issue involving the Australian nun.

If there is sufficient evidence pointing to such violations committed by Sister Patricia which we are not completely aware of, by all means the BI must be supported by all Filipinos who love and care for our country’s national interest.

There is such principle in law that presumes regularity in the performance of duty by the Bureau of Immigration. That much we should give them.