Greed, Not ‘Low Pay,’ Motivation for BI Moneymaking Racket

Image Courtesy: BI Facebook page

While the Bureau of Immigration’s reshuffle of its airport personnel may be a step in the right direction, it will have little success if it does not eradicate greed and corruption.

The huge payoffs involved in the racket or scheme in the BI have been going on for quite some time. It is not a consequence of low pay and lack of overtime benefits, but of greed and corrupt attitudes of government workers who are clothed with the power and authority that go with their positions.

Suspension or termination of overtime pay and non-inclusion in the salary hike of other government employees should never be a reason for corrupt BI personnel to justify the illegal acts they commit to augment their income. That is crap, and I am not buying it.

Noong pumasok kami bilang mga kawani ng gobyerno, alam naman namin ang mga limitations, even sacrifices, as well as the benefits that go with being in public service. But even the so-called benefits are governed by rules and regulations, and should not put us above our counterparts in the private sector.