Arrogance Has No Place in Implementation of the ECQ

During these trying times, the Philippine National Police has the unenviable task of implementing an Enhanced Community Quarantine, without fear or favor. For the most part, our policemen deserve kudos for doing their jobs.

Such is the case of police officers who arrested a foreigner in Makati City, after he challenged their authority with an arrogant and demeaning behavior. As if this were not enough, the police officers were subjected to unfair criticisms from netizens who saw the “edited” version of the video.

On the other hand, being an “investor with 80 employees” as he claimed does not give the foreigner the right to confront and incessantly berate a police officer who is merely performing a risky duty in the manner that he did.

The Bureau of Immigration may have to look into the matter. If a deportation proceeding is in order, they should act swiftly and decisively.

Arrogance has no place in our country – especially so in a situation where either all of us win, or all of us lose to the COVID-19 threat.


11 thoughts on “Arrogance Has No Place in Implementation of the ECQ”

  1. Hi Senator Ping, I am ur supporter but looking at the video, it seems that the quarantine guidelines has to be modified and prioritize in every location. Such village with practically no people on the street would not require such manner by which a resident must wear a mask while outside of his gate. After all no one would be contaminated in that particular situation. And that is the same reason why that foreigner is acting that way. Truely our cops should be in areas where social distancing is a problem and not in a private village like dasmarinas. We can agree to disagree on this but I think the cop is just at the wrong place to implement social distancing. Focus on those areas where people are more inclined to get the virus.

    1. [Staff] Your point is well-taken Sir. Sen. Ping’s point is that the police are doing their job – and as frontliners in this time of COVID-19 – are risking their lives. They certainly do not deserve arrogant and demeaning treatment. Thus Sen. Ping’s statement that “arrogance has no place in our country, especially in a situation where either all of us win or all of us lose to the COVID-19 threat.”
      Also, initial accounts show the police officers were requested by the barangay to implement ECQ; and that the police officer asked the foreign national’s household helper to wear her face mask for her safety, after which the foreign national came out and challenged the authority of the police. At any rate, an investigation is now ongoing.
      We hope this helps clarify things. Thanks and stay safe.

  2. Would have been nice to have included a short video clip of the incident.

  3. Proper investigation must have to be publicly covered live so that those who think they could make it with authorities shall know or at least be reminded that uniformed PNP & Military are ordered to exercise max tolerance but when it comes to resistance, berating and demeaning then they have to implement what’s necessarily be done. If the foreigner thinks he can make it with the officers then he can make it with other agencies of the government. RESPETO naman sa Bayan na Kanyang nilulugaran. Godspeed

  4. Look at the ground in the video, there is water only within the foreigner’s property. Maybe the police were looking for lunch money, it would help if they were a little more honest, was the maid really outside his property? No wonder the guy lost his temper. I only saw the one video, I could be wrong.

    1. [Staff] If you saw only one version of the video, it would only be fair if you also watch the one showing what the foreign national did. And check the police report that indicated the police were asked by the barangay to implement the ECQ.
      As for speculations that the police were looking for ‘lunch money,’ it would help if the accuser had evidence to back it up. If there were, the foreign national would likely have filed a complaint against them, wouldn’t he?
      As Senator Lacson said, arrogance has no place in our country, especially at this time.

      1. Where is the second video? I have heard mention of it, but it hasn’t been available to view? Why not? The whole world is watching . . .
        It appears that a lot of people and their dependants look to this gentleman for their living, who will suffer the most in the end. Maybe a little more diplomatic thought and understanding is needed before being too hasty. I think all Filipinos aboard could be better treated, maybe this is were it starts. Some nationals from certain European countries can suffer from a hot temperament sometimes, it’s in their blood, what is needed is quality policing with a little understanding.
        There are two ways in which this virus can spread, droplet dispersion and aerosol dispersion. With droplet dispersion as in talking, coughing or sneezing, the virus particules can travel up to 27ft as shown by recent research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). If the maid is actually coughing or sneezing then a mask is a must. The 6ft rule is not sufficient, but it’s a start. Aerosol dispersion can occur over greater distances depending on wind direction etc. Even someone in the next room can become contaminated through very small 80 nanometre particles being airborne. Outside in the open with no one around the virus particles are very quickly dispersed. It takes a certain number of virons for the virus to take hold. This quick dispersion is why biological weapons have their own problems. Advances are being made very quickly lets work together to see this through, why fight?

      2. [Staff] Please check this post again and you will find the video, which you should not have a hard time finding if you search for it, as it also been posted on social media and various news sites.
        As for your point that diplomatic thought and understanding is needed, the video you seem to have a hard time finding has shown the police officer did display such diplomacy despite being verbally abused.
        It would truly help if all of us keep an open mind.

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