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Interpellation of the Solar Para sa Bayan Corp. franchise bill

“Kailangan pa ba ng franchise ang Solar Para Sa Bayan Corp.? Ayon sa batas, hindi. Kaya bakit?”

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“If we grant them the franchise, they will have exclusive right to operate in those areas. Therefore, they will deny other qualified third parties so they will go through competitive process. If that’s the case why do we need a franchise for SPSB?”

“If they have to go through a competitive process, we might as well disregard the franchise. May competitive process, anyway. Why would we still grant a franchise? There’s no need.”

“My other issue is, are we not establishing a precedent in passing this bill? Iniiba natin ang nature ng franchise. (W)e’re actually amending EPIRA. Sabi kanina ng sponsor iba ang definition ng unviable sa unserved and underserved. If that’s the case we’re amending the EPIRA law.”