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On a True Senate of the People


When we cast our vote on any matter under deliberation, we should be dictated only by our own conscience and what we honestly think is good for our country, and the institution where we belong – and not because of blind loyalty to any person or party. While loyalty is a virtue, blind loyalty is simply just that – blind.

Otherwise, we can no longer be the Senate of the people that we are supposed to be, but an expensive “rubber stamp” that our taxpayers have to sustain out of their hard-earned tax money.

Having said that, there is no reason to be saddened either way by the voting on Senate Resolution 337. That is democracy at work in the Senate.


Tungkulin ng sundalo na ipagtanggol ang bayan at ihubog ang kabataan tungo sa maayos na kinabukasan.


Kagalang-Galang na Lider ng Bayan ang Bunga ng Pag-aaral na Marangal na Panuntunan ang Batayan Kahit Anong Pagsubok Man ang Pagdaanan

Speech at the 119th PMA Foundation Day and Recognition Rites of the PMA “Masaligan” Class 2021

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It is an honor to once again set foot on this hallowed ground of my beloved Alma Mater.

Here in the Academy, we are bound by stringent rules and norms of conduct. What are left off the books are covered by our long-standing customs and practices, sifted from the mores of our forerunners.

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