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“Now is the opportune time to resolve once and for all the need to create an Internal Affairs Service that is truly independent and able to perform its mandate of being the police of the PNP, ridding it of police officers who are not worthy to be given a position in the police service.”

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Lacson Bill Gives PNP’s IAS More Teeth vs Erring Cops

The Internal Affairs Service (IAS), the Philippine National Police’s institutional watchdog agency, may soon get more teeth to curb abuses and further enhance discipline in the police agency, with a bill filed by Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson.

Lacson, who headed the PNP from 1999 to 2001, said Senate Bill 1310 seeks to make the IAS more effective and efficient, especially in the light of the anti-drug war being implemented by the present administration.

“In order for IAS to fulfill (its) functions, it is crucial that the pertinent provisions of the law guarantee that the organization is capacitated and empowered in instilling discipline and enhancing performance of personnel and units of the police force at all levels of its command,” he said.

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Lacson Bill: PNP-IAS Lalagyan ng Ngipin

Umarangkada na ang Mataas na Kapulungan ng Kongreso para mapabilis ang imbestigasyon ng mga awtoridad sa mga tauhan at opisyal ng Philippine National Police (PNP) na sangkot sa mga katiwalian at kriminalidad.

Naisampa na kasi ni Senador Panfilo Lacson, chairman ng Senate Committee on Public Order and Illegal Drugs, ang Senate Bill 1310 na naglalayong palakasin at pabilisin ang kapangyarihan ng Internal Affairs Service (IAS) ng PNP, kaisa-isang sangay ng institusyon na naatasang dumisiplina sa mga mapang-abuso at tiwaling pulis.

Sa ilalim ng naturang panukala, pabibilisin na ang imbestigasyon ng IAS sa mga pulis na sangkot sa kung anu-anong katiwalian upang kagyat din na mapatawan ng karampatang parusa ang mga ito.

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Lacson Suspends Hearings on ‘Tokhang-for-Ransom’ amid Government’s Restructured Anti-Drug War

Citing the government’s focus on rogue police personnel in its restructured war against illegal drugs, Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson is suspending the Senate’s hearings on “tokhang for ransom” incidents involving scalawags in uniform.

Lacson, who chairs the Senate committee on public order and illegal drugs that held a hearing on the matter last week, said it would be wise that the Senate wait and see how the major changes in the anti-drug war will work out.

“In view of the massive restructuring of the war against drugs to focus on rogue cops as ordered by the President, it is my view that the Senate wait and see how this latest development plays out. Having said that, I am suspending the hearings on the ‘tokhang for ransom’ issue,” he said.

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Kapihan sa Senado forum | Aug. 4, 2016

At the Kapihan sa Senado forum, Sen. Lacson answers questions on:
– the administration’s anti-drug war
– the PNP Internal Affairs Service
– Charter change

Quotes from the interview…  
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