Lacson Bill Seeks to Make Doctorate Degree Holders CESO-Eligible

Holders of doctorate degrees may find it easier to enter the civil service, thanks to a bill filed by Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson.

Lacson said his Senate Bill 261 seeks to declare the conferment of a doctorate degree equivalent to entry-level Career Executive Service Officer (CESO) eligibility in the civil service.

“This is to grant (holders of doctorate degrees), many of whom are academicians, the equal opportunity with CESO holders in terms of growth and career advancement in the civil service,” he said.

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[Download Senate Bill 261, Conferment of a Doctorate Degree]

Under Republic Act No. 1080, he noted, examinations by various government boards, including the Bar exams, are deemed civil service examinations, and those who pass them may be appointed into the civil service without need to pass the civil service examinations, though executive positions in the civil service, appointments and promotions require CESO eligibility.

“This bill aims to grant the same, if not a more fitting privilege, to holders of doctorate degrees in recognition of their educational competence and fitness for appointment or promotion to executive positions in the civil service by reason of their having completed post-graduate studies which is equivalent, if not more than passing the Bar or board examinations,” Lacson said.

Under Lacson’s bill, the conferment of a doctorate degree by an institution accredited by the Commission on Higher Education is hereby declared as equivalent to entry-level CESO eligibility “for purposes of appointment to executive positions in the classified service in the Government or any of its branches, subdivisions, instrumentalities and agencies including government-owned or controlled corporations with original charters” – except for positions requiring highly specialized knowledge not covered by the doctorate degree.

Registrars or other responsible officers of duly accredited colleges and universities shall regularly furnish the Civil Service Commission with a list of graduates conferred with doctorate degrees within 60 days from conferment.