Lacson Backs P390-million DND ‘Love of Country Builders’ Program

Instead of being viewed as “pathetic dependents,” Filipino war veterans may soon have a better chance of inspiring young Filipinos to love their country.

This is the idea behind the Department of National Defense’s “Love of Country Builders” program, which Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson is supporting.

“From one veteran to another although we don’t look like (veterans yet), approved, Sir, as far as the committee is concerned,” Lacson told DND Undersecretary and Philippine Veterans Affairs Office administrator Ernesto Carolina at a budget hearing for the DND.

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Lacson is a member of the Philippine Military Academy’s Class 1971.

Carolina said the DND is seeking P390 million for 2017 for the “Love of Country Builders” program, which seeks to develop shrines and other facilities where children are brought, to inspire love of country.

The program seeks to bring more funds for the commemoration of historical events and writing and publication of veterans’ heroic deeds.

Also, Carolina noted the 1987 Constitution requires authorities to prepare young people to be future defenders of the country.

“We’re so fixated every year paying arrears and benefits, the image of a veteran is a pathetic dependent on government and always asking for an increase in benefits. And hardly do they connect the veterans to the values they really represent – sacrifice, love of country, gallantry,” Carolina said.