#PingTweets: Will these acts render President Duterte’s successors ‘boring’?


5 thoughts on “#PingTweets: Will these acts render President Duterte’s successors ‘boring’?”

  1. Well sana di kayo maging Boring, ever since i am your loyal supporter kahit minsan magkaiba tayo ng pananaw. Pero di pa rin nagbabago ang mithiin ko na sana kayo ay maging Presidente.

  2. Senator ikaw po.ang gusto.namin na susunod.na presidente ung may.malasakit at makataong pagtrato.sa lahat may kasalanan man o wala the right to due process…..let the law decide…..not an iron man who kill somebody without rule of law…..

  3. This is how i see it. After all of what he’s done to make the country back on track, it will be easier for his successor to do the job because the president already did the hardest part. All the next president should do is just to continue how the president is doing it unless the “next” doesn’t have the pure heart to serve the country especially those who really in need. I don’t think it will be boring because criminal minds doesn’t think that corruption is boring.✌️

  4. shutting down Boracay island is a good idea. Clean up their act for the benefit of each residents of the island . Dapat lang mag bayad. However, for President Duterte’s successor kailangan talaga the leader need to be tough a leader that would see the better picture of what is needed and is not. The economy needs a boost. It will be such a challenge For the future leader. But that is how you make a great leader the people seek for a better shepherd.

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