Bagong Senado: Confirmation of the Global Conceptual Design Winner

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Sen. Lacson’s Speech on the Global Conceptual Design Winner for the Senate’s New Home

Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, good afternoon. When we formally started the talks on the relocation of the Senate building, many have had their doubts if we can really translate this vision into reality.

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But you know as they say: “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” With that in mind, my guidance as Chairman of the Committee on Accounts was simple: Eyes on the goal. Focus on our timeline.

Today, we have reached a significant breakthrough as we have already concluded the second phase of the Project Road Map for the Senate Relocation.

As a brief overview and for the information of everyone in this chamber, this is the phase where we, together with the Bases and Conversion Development Authority (BCDA), have invited technically competent firms to join the Global Conceptual Design Competition as we search for a design that will symbolize the Senate for what it stands for, a design that will become a landmark for the Filipino people, and a design that can take the Senate of the Philippines to the next 100 years.

From a total of 40 Architectural Firms, 24 foreign and 16 local, that submitted their Expression of Interest (EOIs) to participate, we have chosen the Final Five firms on March 23, 2018 that came up with their conceptual design proposals. The Final Five firms namely: Leeser Architecture, Aidea Inc., AECOM, Henning Larsen Architects, and Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects presented their conceptual designs and responded to clarificatory questions raised by the executive committee.

Mr. President, all five firms were judged by using a comprehensive scoring system with these three components: the Technical Score comprising 40% of the overall score; the People’s Choice at 5%; and the Executive Ranking at 55%.

Finally, after careful review and evaluation of the Technical Evaluation Committee, BCDA officials, the Senators of the 17th Congress, and the Senate Community, Mr. President and distinguished colleagues, it is my honor to confirm before this august chamber the winner of the Global Conceptual Design Competition for the New Home of the Philippine Senate is AECOM, with a mere 0.36-point difference from our second choice.

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We like to extend our warmest congratulations to AECOM. There is no doubt that your conceptual design for the Senate’s permanent home best represents the honor, dignity, and legacy of this independent institution.

Mr. President, with this milestone, I officially announce that we are moving forward to the third phase of the Project Road Map, the Procurement of Design and Build Package.

AECOM will have the opportunity to undertake the Detailed Architectural Design of the Project upon successful selection of the Design and Build Contractor by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) for the development of the new Senate building.

At this point, let me also take the opportune time to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our participating firms, especially to the Leeser Architecture, Aidea Inc., Henning Larsen Architects, and Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects.

Mr. President, I like to also thank everyone who took their part in the success of our competition. We have reached where we are today because of everyone’s commitment, hard work, and dedication to the task.

That said, I guess we can all agree to the words of philanthropist Anthony Robbins when he said, and I quote:

“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.”

Therefore I move to adopt PS Resolution 748 confirming AECOM as the winner of the Global Conceptual Design Competition for the new home of the Philippine Senate. Thank you, Mr. President.