Sen. Lacson interpellates Sen. Pangilinan on the draft Senate resolution on ‘quo warranto’


Points raised by Sen. Lacson… 

“Who interprets the Constitution, is it the Senate? … We cannot interpret the Constitution.” – Sen. Lacson, on which institution is mandated to interpret the law and the Constitution.

“Why do we make reference to something that has not transpired?” – Sen. Lacson, after asking if the Articles of Impeachment had been transmitted to the Senate in the first place.

“The operative word is ‘may.’” – Sen. Lacson, after citing Art. XI, Sec. 2 of the 1987 Constitution where officials including the President, the Vice-President, and members of the Supreme Court “may be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, culpable violation of the Constitution, treason, bribery, graft and corruption, other high crimes, or betrayal of public trust.”

“I don’t want to participate in something that would encroach on the authority of the SC… If we didn’t use this language, referring to an action taken by the SC, I would sign the resolution. In this case we are creating a constitutional crisis because SC acted within its own jurisdiction (and) here we are, interfering and trying to influence the SC to reverse its decision.” – Sen. Lacson, after noting the draft resolution’s reference to the ouster of Lourdes Sereno.


17 thoughts on “Sen. Lacson interpellates Sen. Pangilinan on the draft Senate resolution on ‘quo warranto’”

  1. Is it so hard.for those 14.senators who signed that resolution to understand that Sereno was ousted via QUO WARRANTO which is an.entirely different matter impeachment??!! She does.not have that right to be removed via impeachment because she was illegally occupying the CJ position from the start. These 14 as senators are expected to know these minute details and differences. Only DUMB people cannot recognize these differences, unless they GRANDSTAND!!

    1. are these 14 senators most especially Kiko, Risa and Drilon retards? They are a disgrace to the Senate and the country!

  2. I entirely agree with you Ping. My question is, was the confrontational and stupid resolution adopted by the senate? It would be a huge blunder if it is adopted. The trust and confidence of the people on the senate will wane or go down the drain.

  3. the quo warranto action was an action of the judiciary. now the senate majority ( signatures) want to apply a political action to influence the decision of the judiciary. now the question arise who is more powerful : isnt not the Constitution provides for Co-equal powers of the three branches of government. Independence is important for a functioning democracy.

  4. We thought SC has the final decision on judicial matters. Why do these politicians want the senate to intervene to reverse the decision? Where is separation of powers here?BAKIT BA ANG DAMING NAGMAMARUNONG?

    1. Kasi binigyan tayo ng mga utak ng Panginoon para magtanong at usisain. Kung hindi natin gamitin ang mga utak natin, para lang tayong mga ibang hayop na susunod sunod lang sa lider nila. Kung tumalon ang lider, tatalun din ang mga followers. Ganun ka ba, sunod-sunuran?

  5. This was amazing, Senator Lacson. Thank you for the lesson on quo warranto. Even a 12 year old can understand that. Why couldn’t “they”?

  6. I don’t know where the hell are the working brain cells of this Kiko Pangilinan. They’re nowhere to be found because this lawyer is talking like an idiot. Talking without using his brains, ugh! Thumbs up for Sen. Lacson.

  7. Very well said Sen Ping Lacson. A non law geaduate (di abogado) lectures the dumb lawyers. 😂😂😂

  8. Brilliant senator lacson as a police you understand well the constitution than those dumb law graduate. Thumbs up for senator lacson.

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