#PingTweets: On the PDEA’s ‘new’ drug list


One thought on “#PingTweets: On the PDEA’s ‘new’ drug list”

  1. No matter what members of Phil congress do will not change the current political dynamic in the country…the major (I will not use the word “hurdle” because it’s too moderate) OBSTRUCTION is the CORRUPTION in every level of the government…bottom to the top and/or vice versa…That course is always taken by every elected and non-elected officials in the PHIL govt once they’re in such position…that’s their goal in the first place because they saw with their greedy and selfish heart and mind where the “hidden treasure” lies and that’s what they’re after – sadly to say there’s no longer an exception to that rule – they’re overtaken by the image of “mooooneeeey” just like the story in the bible of Adam and Eve…the picture of “demon” that they see on the face of the “moooneeey” was irresistible for them to resist the bait and they all became “compulsive corrupters” for the false and illicit pleasure it gives them and their own families…What a shame..??? Nevertheless it’s NOT ONLY in the poor Philippines but all over the world…because (I believe not unbeknownst to civilized people like us Pinoys) politics is the driving force that corrupts every one especially those who gained elective positions and power and use them to enrich themselves and their families…!

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