Interpellation of the 2019 national budget: Possible ‘pork’ in ALGU fund

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In his continuing interpellation of the 2019 budget’s general principles, Sen. Lacson questioned the possible pork in the Assistance to LGUs Fund.

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Quotes from the interpellation…

On possible violations in the ALGU Fund:

“We may be violating the same SC ruling if a similar utilization of funds is applied to another project. Now ALGU. Under the NEP, page 581, the amount is P7B. However, under House Bill 8169 or GAB, Vol 1-B page 581, it ballooned to P16.080B. But in the Senate meron din nagdagdag ng P102M. I won’t belabor anymore. But the policy question should be, where is this lodged? Was the DBM consulted when in the House it was increased to P16.8B?”

“Under NEP, P7B ito, under the House naging P16B, so nag-increase siya ng P9B. Ang unang tanong ko, nakonsulta ba ang ahensya which is the DBM, when the P7B ballooned to P16B?”

“Would it not constitute grave abuse of discretion? DBM was not consulted. Who will implement? So again, the legislators will be implementing.”
“Di pa na-consult ang agency. Who will implement this? How will DBM monitor something they did not know in the first place?”

“I don’t mind if we amend or realign as long as we consult or if it is upon the request of the agencies concerned. I won’t have a problem with that. I will have a problem if it’s discretionary and arbitrary on the part of the legislators.”