On the Release of Convicted Drug Lords via GCTA

It is the biggest irony that while the government has spent so much time, energy and resources to build up intelligence, gather evidence leading to the arrest of big-time drug traffickers especially Chinese drug lords, then spend more to prosecute and convict those arrested and charged, here is Faeldon and whoever else was responsible, by the stroke of their pens, would release at least 48 drug convicts out of the 1,914 heinous crime convicts under questionable circumstances.

If the President does not take drastic action on this latest caper of an official who was recycled in spite of questionable actions committed in his previous assignment like the P6.4-billion shabu smuggling that got away under mysterious circumstances, on top of the organized “tara” on smuggled goods, we should start thinking if there is seriousness in this administration’s much-touted war against drugs and corruption midway into his six-year term.