Pagtaas ng Sahod ng Govt Nurses, Posible Next Year: Interpellation of the DOH’s Budget for 2020

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During his interpellation of the 2020 budget of the Department of Health, Sen. Lacson proposed a solution to address the clamor of government nurses for their salary upgrade.


Government Nurses’ Salary Upgrade:

Sen. Lacson noted P3.173 billion is needed for the salary upgrade of government nurses, so they can attain Salary Grade 15 (P30,531/mo). He suggested that the Senate introduce a special provision and source P3 billion from MPBF (Miscellaneous Personnel Benefit Fund).

We can introduce a special provision and source the P3B from the P12.469B under that particular item (MPBF).” … “At the proper time, with your permission as sponsor, I will introduce an amendment to insert a special provision to source P3.173B from the P5B remaining under that particular item if that’s okay with you, so the nurses will not wait for the passage of legislation or the availability of funds to be provided by DBM because the funds are already there under MPBF.”

They don’t have to wait six months or another year. By January once we enact the GAA for 2020, ang salary upgrade nila is taken care of.”


Underfunded Landmark Laws:

Sen. Lacson noted at least three landmark laws of the Duterte administration are underfunded, including the Universal Health Care Act; the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act; and the PhilSys (National ID) Act.

I mentioned that because these are legacy programs of this administration, pwede ipagmalaki na under this administration nagkaroon ng Universal Health Care, access to quality tertiary education, and National ID.”


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