On the DOH’s Planned ‘Brand Agnostic’ Vaccination Policy

It is not a new and unique practice. One reason why the vaccination program in other countries, particularly the United States, has become highly successful is that recipients of the vaccines are only informed of the brand of the vaccine once they are already on site and ready to get inoculated.

There is no saying that the choice of the brand is totally disregarded, but those who refuse the vaccine immediately available will have to fall out of line and wait for their preferred brand.

Also, some health experts have pointed out the best vaccine is the one available. Besides, clinical trials are a continuing process so no one can really conclude with finality which vaccine brand is better than the other.

That being said, more efforts must be made to assure the public of the benefits of vaccination amid the pandemic. Libre ito, manggaling man sa gobyerno, LGUs o mga korporasyon bilang kawanggawa sa kanilang mga empleyado at pamilya. Magpabakuna na tayo!