On Dealing with ‘Vaccine Slots for Sale’

While arresting those responsible and filing the appropriate charges against them would be a good start, authorities can take a much bigger step by accelerating the vaccination process by making it more efficient.

Although the 15-minute post-vaccination monitoring of newly vaccinated people should be retained as part of the health protocols, many doctors say that the pre-screening should be done away with because that is the main cause of clogging.

Meanwhile, the forms that vaccine recipients are required to fill up should take care of issues like hypertension and allergies, so why is there still a need to examine their blood pressure? Many whose blood pressures will be taken run a higher risk getting infected. Doon pa nahahawa sa pila dahil papalit-palit ang pawis sa mga braso ng mga magkakasunod na kinukunan.

Similarly, the authorities concerned should further trim the process by making sure recipients who have to fill up numerous forms when registering online are not made to fill up redundant forms onsite. This is aside from making the questions more understandable.

That being said, the question remains: Can the greed of some Filipinos ever be moderated, let alone cured? While the pandemic is driving up hunger to record-high levels, it has created new billionaires who only have greed as their capital amid the worst health crisis of our lifetime.

Hindi lang ito dahil sa desperation. Meron pa rin talagang mga ganid at sagad sa buto ang kasamaan na wala nang pinipiling panahon at sitwasyon para magpayaman sa pagsasamantala.