Lacson: Bayanihan, not ‘Kulungan,’ Should be Main Motivation to Get the Jab Done

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More than the fear of being arrested if they refuse to get vaccinated, Filipinos should get the jab done against COVID-19 as a much-needed show of Bayanihan, Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson said.

Lacson stressed that Filipinos getting the jab means helping their kababayans since they are protecting not just themselves but also those around them.

“We should get vaccinated not so much due to the fear of being arrested if we refuse, but because we have the Bayanihan spirit: we want to do our part to protect those around us, we want to do our part to achieve herd immunity, and we want to do our part to finally end the threat posed by the pandemic on our health and on our economy,” he said.

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On Monday evening, President Rodrigo Duterte said in a taped message to the public that “hardheaded” Filipinos who refuse to get vaccinated may face arrest.

Lacson reiterated the best formula for the country to find its way out of the pandemic is for people to “get the jab done” by trusting in the vaccines and getting vaccinated, and for government to “get the job done” by improving the implementation of the vaccination program.

“For the people, this means trusting the vaccination process and helping achieve herd immunity early, so the economy can recover. For government, this means being transparent and exercising restraint in spending our already severely limited resources,” he said.

“That said, if we see that our authorities are showing efforts in getting the job done effectively and efficiently, then we can do no less by getting the jab done,” he added.


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