Lacson’s ‘Edukasyon Plus’ Program to Break Cycle of Poverty

To break the cycle of poverty that has hounded many Filipino families, Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson is looking to implement an education program that would keep youths in school – and give them a better chance at improving their lot.

Lacson’s “Edukasyon Plus” program intends to provide free tuition, a P5,000 monthly allowance and a government internship program beginning with senior high school students.

“A recent international study shows only 31 percent of Filipino youths aged 15 have a growth mindset, or want to improve their lot in life. The other 69 percent no longer think of such. Unfortunately, able-bodied youth in the Philippines drop out of high school in order to start working and help their family for their daily needs. They don’t see continued schooling as an option,” said Lacson, the standard bearer of Partido Reporma.

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“It is this mindset that traps so many Filipino families in a vicious cycle – they remain poor because they no longer pursue their studies which can help them gain more opportunities for a better life,” he added.

Earlier, Lacson pushed for an emergency employment program that includes paid internships for youths in the government and private sector.

This aims to harness the skills of young Filipinos while giving them the opportunity to learn and improve their capabilities and interests.