Lacson to Waive Bank Secrecy Rights on First Day of Presidency

In order to set the tone for a disciplined and corruption-free bureaucracy, Sen. Panfilo “Ping” M. Lacson vowed on Thursday to waive his rights under the Bank Secrecy Law and encourage his fellow public servants to do the same – all in Day 1 of his presidency, if he wins the 2022 election.

Lacson, standard bearer of Partido Reporma, said this will also show his brand of “leadership by example” to restore the trust of people in their leaders.

“My first 100 days in office will also lay the foundation for a clean government. To ensure our people that ‘leadership by example’ will set the tone of my administration, I will lead the way by signing a waiver of my rights under the Bank Secrecy Law and encourage all the members of the cabinet, down to the rank and file to do the same,” he said at the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s 47th Philippine Business Conference and Expo.

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“This will happen on my first day in office, not in the first 100 days. This will signal our commitment to restoring the trust of our people in their public officials,” added Lacson, who has filed bills in the Senate excluding all public servants – from the President down – from the Bank Secrecy Act.

Lacson also said he will spend the rest of his first 100 days in office in providing a more efficient lifeline for the health and economic sectors, and laying the foundation for a clean government.

“Hence, in my first 100 days, I will ensure that we will fully fund our existing gaps that will lead to the full implementation of the Universal Health Care Act, to provide not just free vaccines to all Filipinos but also free testing and treatment backed by data-driven contact tracing that will enable us to stop all ‘lockdowns,'” he said.

This means harnessing and preparing resources to make newly developed COVID-19 pills such as “molnupiravir” and other anti-viral drugs that are scientifically proven to be effective against the Coronavirus both accessible and affordable.

“We will do these efforts in partnership with our local executives and the private sector,” he said.