Lacson-Sotto Will Not Chase ‘Endorsements’

While they will welcome it if it is offered, the tandem of Sen. Panfilo “Ping” M. Lacson and Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III will not chase the endorsements of public personalities.

Lacson and Sotto stressed they will continue to campaign based on their own merits, as they have much to offer the Filipino people in terms of solutions to the humongous problems facing the Philippines.

“All endorsements are welcome, but we’re not actively seeking it. .. We’ll not resort to that but any endorsement is an addition, whether from the lowest barangay official all the way to the President,” Lacson, who is running for President under Partido Reporma, said in a news conference in Cebu City Friday after he and Sotto – who is running for Vice President under the Nationalist People’s Coalition – led the blessing and inauguration of their campaign headquarters.

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“Kagawian namin ni Senate President Sotto to do it on our own efforts. Kaya naman namin talaga, may public service record kami. Bonus na ang endorsement but we’d rather stand on our own feet (Senate President Sotto and I are used to do it with our own efforts, we have our public service record. An endorsement is a bonus but we’d rather stand on our own feet),” he added, pointing out the importance self-respect and dignity.

For his part, Sotto said that while an endorsement is welcome, votes are what will matter most at the end.

“Endorsements are good but we need votes,” he said.

Lacson also likened an endorsement to respect – it must be earned and cannot be demanded. “Respect is something you cannot demand. You should earn it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lacson said they are looking at “like-mindedness against corruption” as a key factor as they continue to find ways to trim their senatorial lineup to 12.

“Like-mindedness, most especially sa anti-corruption, yan ang aming primary factor. In my experience if we solve corruption in this country, at least 50% of our problems will be solved (Like-mindedness especially against corruption is a primary factor. In my experience if we solve corruption, at least half our problems will be solved),” he said.

“These are tough times. We need tough solutions coming from tough leaders. Kami ang (SP Sotto and I are the) tough leaders,” he added.