Lacson: Don’t Waste Votes on ‘Survey Mentality’

It is high time that Filipino voters junk the “survey mentality” of voting for a leader based on his or her standings in the surveys – and instead vote for who they think is the most competent and most qualified, to ensure a better Philippines for the future generation.

This was the call of independent presidential aspirant Sen. Panfilo “Ping” M. Lacson Wednesday as he said the biggest waste of votes is not in voting for someone not leading in the surveys yet is competent and qualified, but in voting for someone “winnable” but turned out to less qualified.

Lacson cited information reaching him indicating recent surveys showing that while he had only 2 percent “hard votes,” he had an average of 40 percent “soft votes” where he is being considered by many voters but who are hesitating to vote for him because he was not leading in the surveys.

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The “soft votes” according to the latest Laylo survey showed that Lacson and his Vice Presidential bet Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III have up to 57% in Class E or the “masa”; 45% in urban areas and 42% in rural areas; 43% among both male and female voters; 43% among those aged 18-34, 42% among those aged 35-54, and 45% among those aged 55 and up.

“Based sa feedback na nakukuha namin sa Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, ganoon ang sinasabi. Gusto namin ang Lacson-Sotto tandem. Sila ang competent, qualified at may kakayahan. Gusto namin sana sila iboto (Based on the feedback I get from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, many voters wanted to vote for the Lacson-Sotto tandem because they believe we are competent and qualified),” Lacson said after a courtesy call on Mayor Isabelle “Beng” Climaco-Salazar in Zamboanga City.

He said Filipinos should learn to decide for themselves instead of succumbing to the survey or bandwagon mentality, lest they waste their votes by not voting for someone who is most competent, most qualified, most experienced, and with the highest integrity in public service.

“Kung pipili tayo, dapat karapat-dapat. Hindi ang palagay ng marami ay mananalo. After all, lalong sayang ang boto ninyo kung ang pipiliin nyo ang alam ninyong hindi karapat-dapat dahil alam nyo lang yan ang mananalo. Hindi ba mas sayang ang botong ganoon (We should base our choices on who is the most competent and qualified, instead of who is believed to be the most winnable. After all, isn’t it more a waste of votes if you vote for someone leading in the surveys but lacks competence)?” he added.

For his part, senatorial bet Manny Piñol chided some voters for thinking that they would waste their votes on someone who is qualified but not leading in the surveys.

“Lalong masasayang ang kinabukasan ng ating bansa kung di tamang leader ang ating iboto. Huwag tayo makipagsabayan sa makulay at maingay na rally (It will be a bigger waste for our future if we vote for the wrong leaders. Let’s not vote merely based on appearances or rallies),” he said.