On the Foiled Hostage-Taking of Former Sen. De Lima

The swift and decisive response undertaken by the Philippine National Police (PNP) in the foiled hostage-taking of former Senator de Lima and the in-depth investigation already ordered by Chief PNP Azurin must be taken into consideration before the usual critics start to put the PNP in a bad light.

That being said, an impartial investigation must be conducted immediately with the end in view of preventing any similar incident in the future.

More importantly, the intended hostage is safe and unscathed even as we should pray for the injured police officer.

What is not known to many, an offer for transfer was already made by the PNP to Sen de Lima as early as mid-August this year on the occasion of the US Congressional delegation visit led by Sen. Markey, the reason being – the PNP Custodial Center is primarily designed for high-value criminals and high-risk terrorists. Unfortunately, the former senator declined the offer and opted to stay where she is presently detained.

That all being said, and without intending to preempt the authorities, high-risk detainees who are members of an internationally proscribed terrorist organization like the Abu Sayyaf Group should be isolated and not mixed with the other PDLs.

That, I assume, will be part of the recommendations in an investigation now being conducted.