On Reported Scenarios Involving Charter Change

The opposition need not invent the best antidote to Charter change. No less than the two leaders of both houses of Congress have started campaigning against it, albeit subliminally.

Floating a no-el and term extension scenario, as recent history would suggest, won’t help their advocacy to shift to a federal form of government, inevitably via an amendment of the Constitution.


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One thought on “On Reported Scenarios Involving Charter Change”

  1. Charter change or amendments to the present constitution is only applicable for the good and benifits of those political majority to enjoy their continuos stay in power and to amash more wealth without and will never mind the very poor situation of the majority of the population.

    Majority of the population in the first place the real situation is they dont have knowledge in the constitution. The politicians in cahoots with the greedy capitalists were the ones who frame the constitution to their full advantage and satisfaction but to the detriment of most of the everyday lives of the poor.

    One of the solution in the already worsening bad situation of the society is there should be a balance distribution of the basic services of all citizens including those living in the remotest area of the archipelago.

    The constitution itself is enough to be able to clearly implement its provisions and not on a selective basis which hugely prejudices most of the lives of the poor. From political administration to administration there is not a single dispensation that truly didicates its mandate to help in the most advantage of the poor people.

    The best approach is for the government to fully educate the people in the most understandable way so that there will be a honest and clean voting in times of election. As a result of no education the politicians continue to take advantage of the voting population’s gullible understanding of the politicians promises which never shared to their respective constituents.

    Too much politics and corruption partcularly in the local government will never make this country progress to include the silent majority who belong to the poor. The will forever be SILENT.

    Because of those SILENT MAJORITY political clans and dynasties continue to maneuver their respective personal gain.

    In conclusion the poor becomes poorer and the politicians in connivance with the monopoly of capitalists will remain the undesirable situation

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