Senate Accounts Committee Hearing on the Senate Institute on Legislative Studies and Training Center

Sen. Lacson chairs the Senate Accounts Committee hearing on Senate Resolution 287, establishing the Senate Institute on Legislative Studies and Training Center.

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Sen. Lacson’s preliminary statement at the hearing:

My mother used to tell me during my younger years to value education like no other. In order to remain competitive in this modern world, there is definitely a need to think new and do new. An economist, Ben Bernanke, once stated: “Research itself provides an important long-run perspective of the issues that we face on a day-to-day basis.”

It is for this reason that we are all gathered this morning to deliberate Senate Resolution 287, which seeks to establish the Senate Institute on Legislative Studies and Training Center (SILSTC) – probably pwede natin tawagin for brevity, Senate Institute – filed by no less than our Senate President, Sen. Aquilino Pimentel III.

As a brief overview, the intent of this resolution is to establish, implement, maintain, and support an integrated system of continuing education and training programs that would enhance the individual and collective standards of the institution.

Further, the establishment of the Senate Institute aims to provide continuing research or studies and training support to the members of the Senate and adequately prepare the staff and personnel of senators’ offices and Senate secretariat.

The resolution provides that the Senate Institute shall be a training arm of the Senate on the following key areas:

* Local and national legislation
* Legislative governance
* Legislative research
* Inter-parliamentary and international relations

Through this hearing today, we hope to further examine the particulars of this proposal, with our collective aim of elevating the individual and collective standards of this honorable institution.