Sen. Lacson Chairs the Hearing for Bills on Rank Classification in the PNP

Sen. Lacson’s Opening Statement at the Hearing:

This hearing is hereby called to order. I’d like to acknowledge the presence of the vice-chair of the Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs, Sen. Greg Honasan. Good morning, Sir.

This measure may look simple in its intended purpose. But as we go on with the discussion this morning, but as we go on with the discussion this morning you’ll find out it’s more complicated than we think.

Related: Senate Bill 1869, providing for rank classification in the PNP

This hearing is called in relation to the following bills: Senate Bill No. 1869 filed by this representation; Senate Bill No. 1875 filed by Senator Grace Poe; and House Bill No. 5236 which, for the information of everyone, has been approved on third reading at the Lower House.

Through this hearing, we hope to answer three critical questions:

First, why do we need to modify the ranks for our PNP personnel, both PCOs and PNCOs?

Second, would this measure not have an impact or distortion of ranks and/or diminution of benefits under Joint Circular No. 1, which will take effect on Jan. 1, 2019? This was defended on the floor by Sen. Honasan, being chairman of the Committee on Defense and Security. Joint Circular No. 1 of Congress increases the base pay of uniformed personnel both of the PNP and AFP.

Lastly and definitely not the least – anong effect nito sa Constitutional provision on the civilian character of the police? Imo-modify natin ang ranks parang similar sa military ranks.

So with that, I’d like to welcome our resource persons this morning: representing OIC DILG Secretary and NAPOLCOM Chairman Ed Año, we have Undersecretary Bernardo Florece Jr.; representing Justice Secretary Menardo I. Guevarra, we are joined today by Assistant Secretary Sergio Yap II and State Counsel Reoben Luna.

We also welcome the representative from NAPOLCOM, Commissioner Zenonida F. Brosas. From the PNP we have P/Dir. Cascolan, congratulations sa promotion sa position but not yet in rank; P/Dir Cubos; C/Supt. Macatlang; C/Supt. Masigon; C/Supt. Roxas. And those at the back, welcome to the Senate.