#PingSays: On the situation of Sen. Trillanes | Sept. 5, 2018

Quotes from the interview… 

On the revocation of amnesty for Sen. Trillanes:
“Naninibago lang kami being one of the three branches, na parang na-encroach yata ng executive branch ang function ng mga korte, which is ang pag-issue ng arrest order.”
“Having said that, this is one novel case that the Supreme Court eventually may interpret or rule on. So there’s also such thing as presumption of regularity.”
“This is unprecedented. Kaya sabi ko novel case ito sa SC. Kasi first time nangyari after Martial Law, na even under the 1987 Constitution kung babasahin natin ang provisions sa declaration ng martial law, wala ring ganyan. So this is really unprecedented. We are as anxious as you are, as curious as you are, how the SC will act on it if and when it reaches them.”
“I don’t want to second guess kung ano ang intention dito or motive. I don’t think it’s proper for us senators to ascribe motive on Malacanang.”

On the Senate’s position on the issue:
“Kami mismo while nagkaroon kami ng unanimous position, mga senator, na huwag mag-encroach sa dignidad ng institution by effecting the arrest right inside the Senate premises, yan lang ang aming position.”
“We are waiting for the proper authority which is the court to interpret ang proclamation ng pangulo.”
“On question here is tama ba o hindi tama ang pag-issue ng arrest order or effectively an arrest warrant by the executive branch on any individual for that matter, in this case, Sen. Trillanes. Yan ang pinaka-contentious issue rito which will be resolved eventually by the proper court who under the Constitution sila ang interpreter or final arbiter.”
“Gumawa kami ng position namin na hanggang narito siya sa loob ng Senado at kinukwestyon pa ang arrest order na lumabas, he can stay here. But the moment he steps out of the Senate premises, he’s on his own.”
“Iba ang kapag ang arrest order nanggaling sa isang competent court. In the case of Sen. de Lima, when the court issued a warrant of arrest against her person, kusang loob naman siya nag-surrender. In the case of Sen. Trillanes he made it very clear also, na okay, pag may lumabas na warrant of arrest issued by a court of law, he need not seek ‘sanctuary’ sa Senate premises.”

On possible implications on the Senate:
“Life goes on. As a matter of fact he’s attending our regular sessions. He’s participating in our caucuses. He’s performing his functions as an elected senator. Of course kasi pinaguusapan pa ang issue, hindi pa resolved ang issue na constitutional ba ang pag-order ng arrest niya.”
“To us we don’t want to touch that because again sinabi ko kanina meron tayong presumption of regularity. We assume na ang act na ginawa ni PRRD, na kasama ang pag-order ng pag-apprehend, ay regular unless reversed by the proper court.”
“I heard that SP Sotto has already communicated this to Malacanang, that the action taken by the Senate, is that we will not allow a member, in this case Sen. Trillanes, to be arrested within the Senate premises. So I don’t see any conflict … while we honor and we give the presumption of regularity in the exercise of the executive branch in this case the President, ganoon din binibigyan din namin ng pagpapahalaga ang institution.”

On the possibilities if the arrest is illegal:
“Depende kung ano magiging resolution ng korte, halimbawa ng SC. O sabihin ng Makati RTC na di na pwede reinstate ang arrest warrant, then it is up to Sen. Trillanes to pursue ano ang gusto niyang gawing, ang tawagin na sinasabing possible liability ng mga tao na involved sa pag-areasto sa kanya.”