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Interview on DWIZ | March 2, 2019

In an interview on DWIZ, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
– possible delay in the signing of the 2019 budget due to House’s post-ratification pork
– need to revisit RP-US Mutual Defense Treaty amid US State Secretary Pompeo’s assurance

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On the Delay in the Passage of the 2019 Budget

If you notice, the budget bill has not been transmitted to Malacañang in spite of the bicam report being ratified by both houses of Congress more than two weeks ago.

I have it on good information that the House leadership is still waiting for several congressmen to finalize the submission of their individual projects. This is not to mention that insertions and realignments were made even after the bicameral report ratification.

While technically speaking, it may not constitute post-legislation enactment since the President has not yet signed the budget measure, we can see clear abuse of discretion especially if done without the concurrence of the Senate; it is also an utter disregard of the Supreme Court’s 2013 landmark ruling.

This latest caper that the House leadership is trying to pull off may also constitute violation of the 1987 Constitution. I’ve talked to some congressmen who expressed anxiety that the pork barrel allocations of at least 60 congressmen were slashed post-bicam ratification.

Whatever it is, these are things that they do for greed. It’s a shame and revolting, to say the least.


#PingSays: On the situation of Sen. Trillanes | Sept. 5, 2018

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🌐 Ping confident National ID to become law; Bago mag-Sereno impeachment trial [Politiko]


From Politiko: The National ID bill is likely to become a law before the prospective impeachment trial of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, Sen. Panfilo Lacson said Tuesday.  Continue reading “🌐 Ping confident National ID to become law; Bago mag-Sereno impeachment trial [Politiko]”

On the reported downplaying of the naming row at Benham Rise


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On the presence of the USS Carl Vinson in the West PH Sea
On recent activities by China in the region

On Whether the Public Deserves to Know about the President’s Health

The health of the president of any country is not his or his family’s private affair alone. It is a matter of public concern. Having said that, it behooves Malacañang to disclose the current state of health of the president if only to quell any speculation about his health. The public deserves nothing less.

Anyway, they will surely understand that PRRD is presently exposed to all kinds of stress and physical exhaustion due to the numerous problems besetting the country, not to mention the sight of our soldiers being transported in coffins by military aircraft with all the grieving families waiting to bring them to their respective provinces. That indeed is very stressful.


Lacson to Palace: Help Unmask Legislator Behind P200M Double Appropriation

If Malacañang wants to come clean on the issue, it should lead in efforts to unmask the legislator said to be behind the redundant appropriation of a total of P400 million for the road extension project from Parañaque City to the South Luzon Expressway, Senator Panfilo M. Lacson said today.  Continue reading “Lacson to Palace: Help Unmask Legislator Behind P200M Double Appropriation”

Lacson to Palace, Senate Allies: Get Your Acts Together on ZTE Deal

Malacañang and its allies in the Senate should first get their acts together.

Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson extended the unsolicited advice Thursday as he noted the conflicting statements on the matter by two pro-administration senators and no less than President Arroyo.  Continue reading “Lacson to Palace, Senate Allies: Get Your Acts Together on ZTE Deal”