On Sec. Duque’s Claim that the COVID-19 Pandemic is a Blessing in Disguise

Image Courtesy: PNA

Some people are definitely making a killing out of the misery brought upon our people by the coronavirus, coming as it does in many forms we cannot even imagine.

We have seen the PhilHealth’s illegal advance payments to unauthorized health care institutions and grossly overpriced procurement of IT equipment – not to mention its doctoring of financial records.

At the Department of Health, we continue to be confronted by issues we hate to hear, but which we now know anyway – the DOH’s “double-the-price” purchases of PPEs and face masks and probably even face shields.

Yet, as we hear the Secretary of Health saying that the pandemic is a “blessing in disguise,” we know for sure we haven’t seen the worse for our suffering countrymen, in terms of health and economic well-being.


3 thoughts on “On Sec. Duque’s Claim that the COVID-19 Pandemic is a Blessing in Disguise”

  1. No Sir!!!

    Coronavirus is evil!👹 a death and destruction to peoples lives ☠️ and world economy 🌏

    “Blessings in disguise” as you (Duque) mentioned is best described are for those people who steals and enrich themselves from Government co

  2. Secretary Duque is a con man and can’t be trusted. Ask him how many meetings he had with the representatives of USAID and WHO and what gifts he received from those corrupt agencies in exchange with the authoritarian U.S. Health Policies imposed in the Philippines. Your country has a Department of Health that is suppose to eradicate diseases but why it looks like it was doing the opposite despite of absurd Health Protocols? Think about that! The Department of Health is a corrupt health agency that makes your countrymen more sicker!

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