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Update on the Senate’s Relocation | May 21, 2018

Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, as the chairman of your Committee on Accounts, I have the honor and privilege to give you an account of our progress on the construction and relocation of the new home for the Philippine Senate, as articulated in Senate Resolution No. 293 filed by Senator Sherwin Gatchalian and adopted by this august chamber on November 21, 2017.

Sponsorship Speech on the Senate’s Relocation
At a Glance: The Process of the Senate’s Relocation
Update on the Senate’s Relocation as of March 20, 2018

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Update on the Senate’s Relocation | March 20, 2018

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Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, I have the distinct honor and privilege to render a progress report on the relocation of the new Senate building.

Sponsorship speech on the Senate’s relocation
At a Glance: The process of the Senate’s relocation

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Message to the National Bureau of Investigation at Its Flag-Raising Ceremony

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Director Dante Gierran, mga namumuno sa NBI, mga kawani ng Bureau, magandang umaga sa ating lahat. For the first time in many years, I’m with a friendly National Bureau of Investigation.

I have an amusing story to tell.  When I was a young kid of six, probably seven years of age, I have always dreamt of becoming an NBI agent. From numerous life-threatening exploits narrated by my late grandfather, who fought the Spaniards at a very young age as a Katipunero in our historic province of Cavite, I became instantly fascinated by people whose bread and butter was risking their lives to fight for their country.

The moment I first set my bare foot at the soil of our barrio’s one and only elementary school, my mind was already set on becoming a lawyer someday, not to prosecute or defend litigants in the judicial process but to simply become a regular agent of the National Bureau of Investigation.

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Speech at the 119th PMA Foundation Day and Recognition Rites of the PMA “Masaligan” Class 2021

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It is an honor to once again set foot on this hallowed ground of my beloved Alma Mater.

Here in the Academy, we are bound by stringent rules and norms of conduct. What are left off the books are covered by our long-standing customs and practices, sifted from the mores of our forerunners.

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Mensahe para sa Araw ng Kalayaan sa Aguinaldo Shrine, Kawit, Cavite

Talumpati ni Senador Panfilo M. Lacson para sa ika-119 Anibersaryo ng Proklamasyon ng Kalayaan ng Pilipinas,
Museo ni Emilio Aguinaldo, Kawit, Cavite

Ang kalayaang nakamit dahil ipinagmakaawa lamang ay walang kabuluhan. Hindi tulad ng kasarinlang pinagpanalunan matapos ipaglaban. Noong ika-12 ng Hunyo, 1898, ang mga pwersang rebolusyonaryo sa pamumuno ni Hen. Emilio Aguinaldo ay nagtipon-tipon sa mismong lugar na ito ng bayan ng Kawit, na ang tawag pa noon ay Cavite Dos del Viejo, upang basahin sa publiko ang proklamasyon ng kasarinlan ng sambayanang Pilipino, bilang pagpapahayag ng kalayaan at kasarinlan ng Pilipinas mula sa kolonyalismong pananakop ng bansang Espanya.

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Speech Before the Rotary Club of Makati Central

Delivered at the New World Hotel, Makati City

Italian poet Cesare Pavese said, and I wish to paraphrase: “Men do not tend to remember days. They remember moments.”

Every time we look back to stories of the past, we cannot always tell specifically what happened “before” and “after,” what really transpired in between, who did what, and why. However, if we recall every important event in our lives – those that were so crucial and transformative – we can easily single out one very striking episode and say:  that moment changed everything.

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On the Appointment of Perfecto Yasay Jr. as DFA Secretary

Mr. Chairman, this representation as Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, presided over two public hearings on February 22 and March 8, 2017 to deliberate on the ad interim appointment of DFA Secretary-designate Perfecto Rivas Yasay, Jr. which was submitted to the Committee’s jurisdiction for its consideration.

In the short course of time since the appointment of Secretary Yasay, various compelling issues have been leveled at him in magnified proportions – all considerably relevant and pertinent to the deliberation of his fitness and qualification as the Foreign Affairs Secretary. Continue reading “On the Appointment of Perfecto Yasay Jr. as DFA Secretary”

Speech at the 5th Founding Anniversary of the PNP Anti-Kidnapping Group

Hayaan ninyong simulan ko ang aking maigsing mensahe sa pamamagitan ng pagbahagi ng mga salita ng pinakamayamang tao sa mundo sa kasalukuyan. Ayon kay Bill Gates: “It’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

Today, speaking before the PNP’s primary arm against kidnap-for- ransom gangs almost instinctively strikes sentimentality from reflections of decades ago.

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Speech at the PDEA’s Destruction of Seized Dangerous Drugs in Cavite

At the IWWI, Trece Martirez City, Cavite

The Supreme Court has aptly described our nation’s worst crisis issue today, and I quote: “Drug addiction has been one of the most pernicious evils that has ever crept into our society, for those who become addicted to it not only slide into the ranks of the living dead, but even worse, become a grave menace to the safety of law-abiding members of society.”

Marami sa atin marahil ay hindi nakikita ang mas malalim ng dahilan sa pagtitipong ito, dahil hindi lubos na naunawaan ang positibong epekto ng pagsira ng shabu sa umagang ito.

Let’s review our high school math. Ang sisirain natin mamaya, 311.64 kilograms ng shabu na nagkakahalaga ng P435.87 million. Bukod sa nagpapakita ng puspusang pagsisikap ng PDEA at ng mga alagad ng batas para mapuksa ang iligal na droga sa bansa, ay mas malalim pang kahulugan ang maaring nakakaligtaan nating bigyan ng halaga.

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Speech before the Philippine Dental Association

Philippine International Convention Center

Among the traits Filipinos are known for is our ability to wear a smile even in our most trying times – to stand back on our feet even after a disaster, and recover from any adversity.

Today is yet another privilege for me. Not only have my meetings with the Philippine Dental Association been most delightful; it is always pleasant to have an audience with professionals who make possible Filipinos’ pride in their wide, healthy smiles that reflect a genuinely good state of oral wellness.

Quite a decade has passed since we first worked together, but it only seems like yesterday.

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