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At the PNP Foundation Inc.’s Donation of Equipment to the PNP

P/Gen Rodolfo Azurin Jr, Chief of the Philippine National Police; members of the command group and Directorial Staff and all the officers present; the men and women of the proud and brave organization, the PNP, magandang umaga po sa ating lahat.

It always feels good to be back home. To some of us in the Board of Trustees of the PNP Foundation Inc. Camp Crame is our home, a place where we spent most of our adult professional life facing challenges too many that we have lost count of the number. How time flies, and fast.

Twenty-two years ago, I used to preside and lead our regular Monday flag-raising ceremonies where we would start our week’s work in our offices, in the field, or wherever we could be deployed to serve and protect the people; unsure if we would still be alive to attend the next hoisting of the Philippine flag right on this spot where we stand now.

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Lacson at PNP Flag-Raising Ceremony

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Sen. Ping Lacson attended the PNP flag-raising ceremony and the donation of equipment to the PNP from the PNP Foundation Inc. on April 11, 2022.

‘Just do your job with utmost honesty and integrity’: Speech before the Pangasinan Provincial Police

Mayor Bataoil, you were correct. While Elisa was singing (‘Ang Tatay Kong Pulis‘), I was having goosebumps. Sinabi ko kay Col Red (Maranan, Pangasinan PPO chief), sino ang nag-compose niyan? Napakagandang kanta, very touching and talagang nakatama rito. And sinumang pulis na makarinig, lahat na pulis na makarinig, definitely would be touched by that song, not just the composition, but the lyrics.

Kanina nabanggit ni Mayor Pol, ‘What is right must be kept right, what is wrong must be set right.’ I vividly remember the first time I uttered those words was on November 16, 1999. Ang occasion, it was part of my assumption speech when I was appointed Chief of the PNP in 1999. And we hit the ground running. I chose, of course he was then ahead of me, si then Director Acop, was Director for Comptrollership. And of course I retained him, he was my No. 1 adviser, he was my mentor. Siya ang nag-author ng ICUs of the PNP. Ang ICU, the Inept, Corrupt, the Undisciplined. Siya rin ang nag-put forward ng idea na ang antidote sa ICU, AID: Aptitude, Integrity, Discipline.

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In Cebu: PNP Foundation Inc.’s Turnover of Mountain Bikes, Other Equipment to PRO-7

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In Cebu, Sen. Lacson led the PNP Foundation Inc.’s turnover of mountain bikes and other equipment to the Police Regional Office 7. The mountain bikes would be useful for police work in beaches and parks where tourists are concentrated. Sen. Lacson, who chairs the PNPFI, is an Adopted Son of Cebu, having served as Commander of Cebu Metrodiscom from 1989 to 1992. Following is the text of his speech at the event.

Police Brig. Gen. Debold Sinas, Police Brig. Gen. Agustin, Police Brig. Gen. Gillamac, the members of the Regional Staff and other officers and personnel present, my Senate staff as well as the PNP Foundation Inc. staff, my former comrades in the Cebu Metrodiscom in Metro Cebu, maayong buntag sa inyong tanan.

First of all, let me personally thank the officers and men of PRO-7 for the warm welcome that you have given me and my staff. Rest assured that I will always be a friend of the PNP in heart and spirit in whatever capacity, either as Chairman of the PNP Foundation Inc., or as an elected Senator of the Republic, especially in my role as Vice Chairman of the Committee on Finance of the Senate.

For the past several years that I have been actively participating in the national budget deliberations, I always make sure the PNP will get the necessary budgetary requirements to more efficiently accomplish your mission.

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Speech at Turnover of Equipment from PNP Foundation Inc. to PNP Crime Laboratory

For the very first time, since 2001, I feel a sense of belonging to an institution I once served with pride, dignity and honor. For the first time in 10 years I feel the respect accorded to a former chief of the PNP. For nine long years under the previous administration I felt like a viral burden. A bacterium if you will, so hazardous to the careers of police officers that they had to avoid me like a … plague. In many instances I myself refused even eye contact with my former officers, mindful that their careers and assignments would very well be put at risk.  Continue reading “Speech at Turnover of Equipment from PNP Foundation Inc. to PNP Crime Laboratory”

Doing What We Say: Speech at PNP Night

Police General Ping Lacson headed the PNP from 1999 to 2001.

Speech at PNP Night tendered by the Manila Overseas Press Club
Manila Hotel Ballroom

This is the first time I am given the privilege to address the prestigious Manila Overseas Press Club. This privilege comes on my ninth month as Chief of the Philippine National Police. Hence, I have chosen to deal on what we have been doing so far. I hope to touch also on some problems confronting the PNP.

What exactly are the responsibilities of the policeman and policewoman, regardless of rank, position and place of duty? These are three. One, to prevent crime together with the community. Two, to solve crime according to the mandates of our Criminal Justice System. Three, and while doing both, to live a simple, decent, and dignified life both as a person and as a professional.

These responsibilities are demanded by the nature of the police service. They are, in fact, the highest expectations by the Filipino people. Interestingly, our people have also made known the priorities that PNP should take. One, stopping illegal drugs. Two, breaking up organized, syndicated crime. Three, cleansing the police.

Let me first dispose of these three priorities in the minds and hearts of our people.

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