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Speech at the 74th Anniversary of the PNP Crime Laboratory

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In both formal and informal occasions, I often stress that this is the point in my life where I certainly have more yesterdays than tomorrows. I tell you, as I gaze into my ‘yesterdays,’ I cannot help but realize how much has really changed in every aspect of our lives.

Let me share with you — in the late 1950s, when I was a young elementary student in a sleepy town of Imus, Cavite, I had a vivid memory of a lone policeman we simply referred to as “Kabo.”

He was a highly esteemed and respected man assigned to keep peace and order in our almost obscure barangay called Barrio Bayanluma then.

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On the Duterte Administration’s First Two Years

Even during the 2016 presidential campaign, when he persistently pitched for a six-month deadline to solve the drug problem in the country, I already pointed out it was impossible. It remains as impossible as saying he can stop crime.

After two years, it may be wise and prudent for his top advisers to go back to the drawing board and reassess what they did wrong and what they are doing right, not only in the fight against crime and corruption, which is the centerpiece of the Duterte administration’s deliverables, but in the economic sector as well.

For one, the peace-and-order strategy is long on crime suppression and short on prevention. It should be the other way around. We prevent crimes, and those that cannot be prevented from being committed must be suppressed with solid solution through efficient investigative work and techniques.

On the revenue side, the TRAIN law needs to be revisited and amended, and the President, with all his strong influence over Congress, must put his foot down on vested interests of some members of both houses.

On the expenditure side, a.k.a. the General Appropriations Act, the same influence is suggested to minimize wastage of the government’s hard-earned resources by strictly adhering to the existing jurisprudence outlawing pork barrel, which is still evident among selected members of Congress, a few of whom enjoyed as high as nine-figure insertions during the last two budget years under the Duterte administration.



Pagod na sa text scam? Sen. Lacson’s bill regulating the sale of prepaid SIM cards now at the committee level

Senate Bill 252 is now pending before the Committees on Public Services; and Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship. The bill seeks to regulate the sale of prepaid SIM cards to curb criminality.


Paano makikinabang ang mga Pilipino sa pagkakaroon ng National ID?

(T)he Philippines is just about one of the very few countries in the whole wide world na walang National ID system. Parang napaka-primitive natin in that regard.” – Sen. Lacson, at the first Senate hearing on the National ID system, Dec. 4, 2017

Time for the President to Become ‘Multi-Dimensional’ in 2017

I believe it’s time for the President to become multi-dimensional, not later, but starting New Year’s Day. Anyway, the anti-drug war is being addressed with more than enough vigor by our law enforcement agencies, particularly the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, the Philippine National Police, and the National Bureau of Investigation. He can still be the driving force behind the scene.

Corruption in government is one area where he can really make a difference, owing to his political will and resoluteness in getting things done. Once corruption is eradicated, many great things can happen to our country as a matter of course.

He could very well be the best president we’ve ever had if he learns to discard some old habits of a mayor and develop some good traits of a national leader. For a start, he can “Google” how to become a real statesman.

The bottom line for me is, I want him to succeed because like him and most Filipinos, I also love my country. There may not be a better gift that my and the president’s generation can bequeath to the next generation than a proud Filipino nation worthy of respect from all the other countries in the world. Singapore sans dictatorial rule should serve as a good role model for him to follow.


Sponsorship Speech: Restoration of Subpoena Powers of the PNP CIU/CIDG

Mr. President, fellow members of this august chamber, I have the honor to report on the Senate floor Senate Bill No. 1239 entitled “An Act Amending Sec. 35 B (4) of Republic Act No. 6975, Otherwise Known as “An Act Establishing the Philippine National Police Under A Reorganized Department of the Interior and Local Government, And For Other Purposes,” as embodied in Committee Report No. 10, in substitution of Senate Bill No. 1052.

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Sponsorship Speech for SB 1210 (Expanded Anti-Wiretapping Act of 2016)

Mr. President, fellow members of this august chamber, I have the honor to report on the Senate floor Senate Bill No. 1210, entitled “An Act Expanding the Scope and Coverage of Republic Act No. 4200, otherwise known as an Act to Prohibit and Penalize Wire Tapping and other Related Violations of the Privacy of Communication, and for Other Purposes,” as embodied in Committee Report No. 4, in substitution of Senate Bills 21, 48, 871 and 950.

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Lacson Bill Boosts PNP Investigation Arm by Restoring Subpoena Powers

The Philippine National Police’s investigative capability may get a major boost from a bill filed by its former chief, now Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson: the restoration of its power to subpoena people and documents for investigation.

Senate Bill 1052 seeks to strengthen the PNP’s Criminal Investigation Unit (now the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group) by restoring its authority to issue subpoena by amending Republic Act 6975, the act establishing the PNP.

“Under the present law, the CIU (now CIDG) is mandated to undertake the monitoring, investigation and prosecution of all crimes involving economic sabotage, and other crimes of such magnitude and extent as to indicate their commission by highly-placed or professional criminal syndicates and organizations. Hence, it is somewhat contradicting that the primary investigative unit does not possess the power to issue administrative subpoenas for the conduct of their mandated duties,” Lacson said of the bill, which has been referred to the Senate committee on public order and illegal drugs.

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Lacson Bill: CIDG Makakapag-Subpoena na Uli

Ibabalik ang kapangyarihan ng Philippine National Police (PNP) na makapag-isyu ng subpoena sa mga tao at mga dokumentong kinakailangan para sa mga isinasagawang imbestigasyon.

Ito ang pangunahing layunin ng Senate Bill 1052 na iniakda at inihain ni Senador at dating PNP Chief Panfilo Lacson sa hangaring magkaroon ng mas mataas na kredibilidad ang resulta ng mga imbestigasyong isinasagawa ng ahensiya.

Sa ilalim ng panukala ni Lacson, partikular na binibigyan ng kapangyarihan na makapag-isyu ng subpoena ay ang Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (PNP-CIDG).

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Ping: No ID, No (prepaid) SIM

No ID, no SIM.

Ganitong uri ng patakaran ang ipapatupad ng pamahalaan sa sandaling maisabatas na ang panukalang inihain ni Senador Panfilo Lacson tungkol sa paghihigpit sa pagbibenta ng prepaid subscriber identity module (SIM) card sa publiko.

Pangunahing layunin ng Senate Bill 252 na tinaguriang Prepaid Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Cards Regulations Act of 2016, na sugpuin ang krimen at mga kabulastugang nagaganap gamit ang mga gadgets gaya ng mga cellular phones at iba pang mga kauri nito.

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